Tax Consultations or Tax Planning


We welcome people with tax questions.  However, there are a few things we need to consider due to ethical and legal issues.  We are a professional tax firm and have guidelines we must follow when helping taxpayers. We charge a fee of $100 per half hour for tax consultations if you have not engaged us to prepare your tax return or for other tax services, such as comprehensive tax planning or tax problem solving.

Your consultation fee can be applied 100% to your tax preparation fee should you decide to hire us within 30 days of the consultation.

A consultation is when we discuss the application of tax law and theory to your particular fact situation.

We can’t help with the following tasks due to legal and ethical reasons under IRS regulations for Enrolled Agents:

  • tell you how to prepare tax forms;
  • prepare certain tax forms for you to incorporate into your tax return;
  • answer tax questions so you can fill in answers on do-it-yourself tax preparation software; and
  • tell you how to use tax preparation software.

Special FREE consultations for quick tax questions and simple tax planning are available to our tax return clients throughout the year.


Tax planning is a valuable tool you can use to save tax dollars and create wealth. There are two levels of planning.

  1. One is when we estimate your income and deductions for the current tax year and calculate an estimated amount of tax liability and use it to adjust your withholding or estimated tax payments or plan for refunds/balances due.
  2. The other is comprehensive and considers your income, assets, goals and tax saving options. We will quote a flat fee for this service based upon the facts and circumstances of your financial, tax and family situations. Please contact us if you would like more information about this type of tax planning.

We provide simple tax planning to our tax clients as a complimentary service when we review your tax return with you prior to it being filed.

Tax Planning Program and Reports

Please contact us if you would like information about the comprehensive tax planning program. We are happy to help existing clients and new clients wanting to plan for their tax future.