Who is

judy laugh

I’ve been preparing income tax returns for other people since 2003, approximately 4,500 tax returns from 2003 through the end of tax season 2015. Most of them have been personal tax returns with many different tax situations, from the simple to the very complex.  There have been some small businesses, estates and trusts, too.

The people I’ve helped are from all walks of life from a struggling single parent, to a middle class family saving for their future, to a corporate executive, to a retiree with retirement income and investments. They have lived in one or more states during the year. Many have lived in a foreign country for all or part of the year.

Enrolled Agent

In 2008 I became an Enrolled Agent (E.A.). Most people have no idea what an E.A. is or what one does. The short version is that Enrolled Agents are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states. See more at http://www.naea.org/taxpayers/what-enrolled-agent. I have regulatory responsibilities to clients (can be found in IRS Circular 230 https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/pcir230.pdf ), along with other requirements to keep my license in good standing with the IRS.

I’ve represented and assisted taxpayers with IRS problems since 2008. Audits at an IRS office, correspondence audits, missing refunds, computer generated notices (CP2000), tax levies and liens, abatement of penalties, tax identity theft, installment agreements, offers in compromise and appeals are some of the IRS issues I’ve dealt with over the years.

Certifying Acceptance Agent

The IRS accepted my application to be a Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA) in the fall of 2015. Per the agreement with the IRS, I can offer specialized help to people needing an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number for their tax returns. I work for the clients and am there to help them throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Started My Practice

In October 2015 I left the firm where I had worked since 2003 to strike out on my own. It became apparent to me that the delivery of tax services to people is, and has been, rapidly changing through technology. It was time for me to jump into the technological world of tax preparation while still keeping at least one foot on the ground to care for those who aren’t comfortable with technology.

Over the years I’ve developed specialized expertise with tax issues involving non-citizens, nonresidents and resident aliens. I have a passion to practice in this highly complex area of tax law. It is challenging and rewarding to help those new to the United States. I strive to be a trusted advisor who respectfully and carefully guides them through the maze of U.S. tax laws.

My hopes and visions for this business revolve around serving clients well with personalized client service, diligent tax return preparation with plain-spoken explanations, conservative tax planning to protect the client’s financial future, and compassionate and honest representation for clients in tax-trouble. The client’s best interest is foremost in all that I do.

My office is located in northern Rogers, Arkansas. My virtual office is located wherever I am at with my computer, printer, cell phone and secure internet service. I work in the cloud at my virtual office, as well as on the ground in my office in Rogers. You can always reach me or a member of my team, year round.

Personal Stuff

My husband and I have been married for over 39 years. We love fly fishing, camping, reading, cooking, our family and our cocker spaniels. I used to like gardening, but we moved from the fertile soils of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri to the rocky and forested ridges of the Ozarks in Arkansas where all I have are oak trees and thin rocky soil.

We travel in an RV during the summer.  I am never away from work very long because part of the RV is set up as a mobile office.  Hello to our snowbird and work camper friends! Send me your documents using our secure client portal or mail them to me at Judy Coker, EA, PO Box 336, Rogers, AR 72757. Let me know they are on the way.

I was raised in a small town with fewer than 200 people; I’ve lived in St. Louis, Missouri for 20 years and Northwest Arkansas for 14. I’m a mix of small town girl with big city ties. And a self-confessed and non-recovering workaholic.